Chapter Five





“Yes I have a son.” Isis said looking at me with an attitude. I rubbed my head, I was getting a fucking headache now.


“How could you not know that Christopher, aren’t you her boss? It’s bad for employees to lie and keep secrets.” Rihanna  said. I ignored her I know what she was doing. I rubbed my temples feeling stressed.


“Can you get off my dick, bitch mind your business.” Isis said getting in Rihanna’s face.


“Christopher let this little bitch know who I am, and who she’s dealing with.” Rihanna said flipping her hair out of her face.


“Rih please, can you wait outside.” I said waving her off, she started at me for a couple seconds before pushing past me and stomping outside slamming the door. Isis sat there not looking at me.


“Why didn’t you tell me?” I asked her, she rolled her eyes and scrunched her face up at me.


“I didn’t have too, we not in a relationship or anything. It’s none of your business.” She said. She’s right.


“Okay but I could help, obviously somethings happening that you can’t control.” I said.


“I don’t need help.” She said rolling her eyes at me.


“Isis, it’s not that serious you’re my stylist. Me helping you is basically like a thank you.” I said trying to get her to look at me.


“Look I’m ready to go home, can you just get your clothes and let’s go?” she said standing up. I sighed, I wanted to be there for her but she didn’t want me to be, and I still knew nothing about her.


“Okay, but  I’m taking you to my house and we gonna talk about this later.” I said annoyed.


“If you say soo.” She sang getting up and skipping to the dressing room. I shook my head, this girl was out of control.








"Benny you good?" Tyga asked me placing a hand on my arm. I snapped back to reality, not aware I was day dreaming. We were sitting in the studio, working on some ideas for his upcoming mix tape.


"Yea my fault, what were you saying?" I asked him. He shook his head laughing.


"Come on Benny, you supposed to be the one person that always listens to me." he said playfully shoving me.


"Sorry. What happened?” I said.


“Nah I been talking for the last hour, what’s on ya mind?” he asked me. I sighed, a lot was on my fucking mind.


“Nah it’s really nothing, I just get these feelings sometimes that something bad is gonna happen.” I said.


“It’s probably just a feeling B.” he said looking me in the eye, I shook my head no.


“No it’s not just a feeling, trust me when you’ve been through what I’ve been through you’ll know.” I said.


"What have you been through?" he asked me reaching out and holding my hand. I smiled at him and moved my hand away.


"It’s too much, that’s a conversation for another time." I said, the door to the studio opened  and I looked up glad for an



"Oh my fault I didn’t know someone was in here." the guy said.


"Sean?" Tyga said standing up, I looked up and saw Big Sean standing there. Big Sean wasn’t my favorite rapper, but I had like this tiny crush on him after seeing him in the I’m Gone video.


"My nigga, Ty." he said, they did that handshake boys always do and slapped each other on the back.


"You could stay I ain’t really working on nothing. Just chilling." Ty said. Sean dragged a chair over to the table we was sitting at.


"Hello, how you doing." he said nodding at me, I smiled politely. He cute as fuck.


"Oh my fault, Sean this my new assistant." Tyga said introducing us. I gave Tyga a dirty look, he was forever not introducing me to people. Just letting me sit there all awkward and shit.


"Hi, I’m Benny." I said.


"Hey Benny." Sean said smiling at me, I smiled back.


"So wassup nigga, I haven’t seem you in a good minute." Tyga said.


"Nothing man, chilling. Just got back from tour ready to record some new shit." Sean said leaning back in his chair.


"That’s wassup. I wanna do a tour soon, you gotta come." Tyga said.


“No doubt.” Sean said. Tyga’s phone went off and he excused himself and went into the hallway to answer it.


"So your his new assistant?" Sean asked me.


“I’m pretty sure he told you that already.” I said smirking at him, he smiled and nodded his head.

"You right, are you new to LA?" he asked me.


"Kind of you can tell?” I asked him.


“Yea you have an accent, and you don’t look like other girls.” He said looking at me in a way that made me blush.


“Thanks I think, and I been living here for a month.” I said.


"You been around the town yet?" he asked me, I shook my head no.


"Are you serious?" he said laughing, I sucked my teeth.


"Don’t laugh at me. I been busy is all." I said.


"Your lame." he said shrugging. Who he talking too?


"Fuck outta here, I’m not lame." I said


"Yes you are, how you move to LA and not do anything fun?" he said, I rolled my eyes.


"I do fun shit, I work in a strip club. That should automatically mean fun." I said.


"Nah it doesn’t, you’re a lame stripper/assistant." he said. I rolled my eyes at him.


"I’m not lame, I stay out late every night and party. It’s my job."’ I said.


"Prove you’re not lame." he said folding his arms.


"How?" I said.


"Let me take you out." he said smirking. He thinks he’s smooth.


"Was that your way of asking me on a date?" I asked him laughing.


"It depends is your answer a yes or no." he said smiling at me. He was really cute and funny.


"Hmmph, I just might take you up on ya offer." I said laughing. He passed me his phone, and I put my number in just as Tyga walked back in.


"B. we gotta go, I gotta stop by Trell and Heather’s house to pick up King and then take him to see my mom." He said, I handed Sean back his phone.


"Alright, bye Sean." I said standing up and grabbing my jacket off the back of my chair.


"See you later Benny, and I’ll holla at you Ty. Maybe we could work on some new shit." he said, Tyga nodded and we left.


"What was that about?" he asked me as we drove to Trell and Heather’s house.


"What was what about?" I said pretending not to know what he was talking about.


"The ‘see you later Benny’ , what that mean?” he said.


"It means exactly what it sounds like, he’s gonna see me later." I said rolling my eyes at him.


"You gonna go on a date with him?" Tyga asked me.


"Yes Tyga. I am going on a date with Big Sean." I said getting frustrated. Tyga started laughing and that annoyed me more.


"Why you laughing?" I asked him.


"He’s the biggest player ever, everybody knows that." Tyga said, I rolled my eyes. He sounded like a female right now, jealous and shit.


"Yea okay." I said waving my hand at him.


"Alright do you, get played like a dummy. I don’t care." he said.


"You shouldn’t you just my boss." I said angrily, he clenched his jaw and nodded. Turning up the radio loud so we couldn’t talk anymore.





"Where my son at!" I yelled walking into Heather and Trell’s house.  I heard little footsteps and saw King running towards me in just a diaper. I picked him up and spun him around in the air.


"Hey bro." Heather said kissing my cheek, I gave her a one armed hug.


"Wassup where Trell at?" I asked her placing King down on the floor.


"He went to get ice cream with Tylee, they should be back soon though." Heather said.


"Benny can you grab King’s car seat, overnight stroller, and diaper bag?" I asked her, she nodded and continued to stand there.


"Are you gonna do it now or later? You want an invitation?" I said getting annoyed. I don’t know why but after we left the studio and Benny told me about her date with Sean I was in a bad mood.


"Don’t talk to me like you dumb, act like you know. How am I supposed to know where that stuff is this isn’t my house? Plus I don’t feel comfortable just walking around someone I don’t knows house, because as usual you didn’t introduce me!” Benny said getting an attitude with me.


“You got a mouth right?” I said annoyed, and pulling out my phone.


"Please ignore his rude grumpy self, I’m Heather and this is my house. Just go right up those stairs and everything’s in the first room on the left." Heather said smiling sweetly at Benny.


"Thank you, my name is Benny by the way." Benny said smiling at Heather, and giving me a dirty look before going upstairs. Heather gave me a look.


"What?" I asked her. Why she looking at me like that?


"She’s a cute girl." She said.


"I know." I said.


"You like her?" Heather asked me, I shrugged.


"I don’t know, when I first met her she rejected me and I liked that. Plus she treats me like I’m any other nigga." I said. Heather knew me better than I knew myself, so there was never a point on my trying to lie to her or hide my feelings she always knew.


"You like her because she’s different?" Heather asked me.


"Yea. She’s different than any other girl I’ve met, and she not scared to tell me about myself." I said.


"Make sure that she’s really different, and this isn’t a temporary thing for you. You know like with Chyna." Heather said. I sucked my teeth.


"It’s true. Remember at one point Chyna was different than every other female too, and you fell for her and now she’s making ya life hell." Heather said.


"I thought ya were friends." I said.


"She is my friend, that doesn’t mean it aint true. Besides if ya weren’t together we probably wouldn’t be as close." Heather said shrugging. Benny came back downstairs with everything she shoved the diaper bag and the stroller into my hands.


"Why you giving me this stuff?" I asked her confused. Isn’t it the assistant’s job to handle everything I tell them too?


"Boy I’m your assistant not your nanny or maid. So I’m going to assist you in carrying his stuff which means you’re going to carry some stuff.” she said looking at me as if to say duh, and walking past me back outside.


"I like her." Heather said smiling.


"Yea whatever." I said following Benny outside.




"Isis can you just talk to me." Chris asked me, basically begged me.


"About what?!" I said exasperated. Since we left the store, dropped Rihanna bitch ass off, and got food he’s been asking me the same thing.


"About you and how you work for me and I know NOTHING about you?" he asked me. I shrugged.


"I am a very private person." I said being an asshole. He sucked his teeth, and I started to laugh.


"This isn’t funny, if you don’t change or start talking I’m going to fire you. I don’t know you, how can I trust you?" he said getting angry. I tried to stop laughing but I only laughed more.


"I’m sorry it’s my reaction, I just laugh in situations like these." I said. He sighed, leaning back on his couch.


"You have to talk to me, I’m serious if things don’t change I’m gonna fire you. Then you really gonna be in a bad situation." he said, my heart skipped a beat. I hope he wasn’t serious.


"It’s just hard to…open up and talk to people and shit. When everyone else has left, how do I know you won’t leave either?" I said not looking at him.


"Cause I promise I won’t, but every day now you need to tell me something about yourself." he said, I sucked my teeth. He so damn corny, this ain’t a lifetime movie.


“Okay so we can start tomorrow.” I said smiling at him. He gave me a look.

“No, we can start now. At least tell me where, you’re from, where you grew up, if you got any other secrets I should know about.” He said, I rolled my eyes at the last line.


“My son is not a secret.” I said.

Well you sure didn’t mention him before, and I’ve known you for about a week and a half now.” He said.


“I don’t tell everyone about him because then people judge me.” I said shrugging.


“Well do you have a picture of him?” he asked me, I nodded pulling out my phone and showing him a picture.




“He’s cute.” He said.


“This is an old picture though, like from last Summer and duh he’s cute, he’s my son. ” I said putting my phone back in my pocket, Chris smirked at me.


“Okay now, I was born and raised in Brooklyn. I lived with my mom until she left, and then I was raised by my father, he died my sophomore year of high school and left me and my half-sister to raise ourselves. I got pregnant my senior year of high school when I was 18. My mom came back into my life and left again and that’s it for today.” I said smiling sarcastically.


“Okay my turn. I was born in VA, raised by my mom. No dad around. That’s basically it.” he said.


“Good now can we stop talking about this stuff, and get something to eat?” I asked him. He laughed, and nodded picking up his phone to order some food.


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